Khala Network
Kusama Parachain
Phala’s Canary Network

K-PHA will be Khala’s native token, swappable with ERC20-PHA and Phala native PHA at 1:1.

  • 1KSM = 100PHA
    If Khala wins, Every KSM that supports Khala in the Kusama slot auction through the Crowdloan will be entitled to 100 PHA as rewards.
  • 15,000,000 PHA Rewards
    Up to 15,000,000 PHA are available as rewards in the Kusama auction (100:1 on up to 150,000 KSM).
  • Prompt Payment
    When Khala wins a slot and runs as parachain, 34% of the PHA rewards vest to contributor addresses immediately, with 66% vesting monthly over 11 months.
  • Referral Rewards
    When Crowdloan Dapp participants invite others who contribute, each will receive an additional reward: an extra 0.5% on the additional contribution.

Contribute to Khala

in the

Kusama slot auction

Khala Network will join the Kusama slot auction when the second slot auction opens. Khala will bid for an 8-period slot, which means Khala will lease the slot for 6 x 8 = 48 weeks.

How can I help
with the Crowdloan?

Support Khala’s auction bid through Kusama’s built-in Crowdloan mechanism, and earn rewards!


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